Foreign Nationals

Financial planning and wealth management services are the bedrock on which your family fortune rests.    

There are unique challenges faced by foreign nationals in Florida, particularly regarding tax laws, investment options, and how they affect estate planning.    

If you consider Florida your home but require the services of an experienced offshore advisor and tax specialist to help you navigate through the murky waters of financial planning, then we can be of assistance.  



Whether you have business interests which you need to protect or retirement planning that includes assets both in the USA and overseas, we can assist you. For over 40 years we’ve helped clients from around the world, successfully y navigate the financial and investment markets in the USA and abroad.   

We provide guidance on all aspects of financial planning, including retirement planning, investment planning, tax planning, and risk management.   

Our expert financial planners assist foreign nationals in creating a comprehensive financial plan that accommodates their unique circumstances and goals. We are also extremely knowledgeable about the complex tax laws in the United States. Through our expert guidance, we help our trusted clients minimize their tax liabilities while simultaneously maximizing their investment returns.   

Wealth management for foreign nationals requires that we help you optimize your investment portfolios by diversifying assets across a range of different asset classes and regions. We also assist you with estate planning, including the creation of trusts and wills, to ensure that your assets are safe and properly distributed according to your wishes.   

Our multilingual staff include Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian-speaking individuals who can communicate with you in your native language. This avoids any misunderstandings and ensures that our clients fully understand the advice and services provided and feel comfortable asking questions and making informed decisions.   

Come and work with experienced professionals who have many years of experience.Give us a call today and arrange a free consultation.