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Many people attempt to prepare their own taxes, especially in this day and age of tax preparation software.       

However, even the best software is incapable of dealing with all of life's complexities, making it easy to submit an incorrect tax return.       

Working with us is the only way to avoid preparation issues.       

Join our clients who have relied on TaxTree’s expertise for over 40 years to help avoid problems with the IRS.       

At TaxTree, we believe that our success is built on your success.


On The Cloud

Seasoned Veterans

Services We offer

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On The Cloud

Through our proprietary software, we can handle all of your accounting and financial reporting needs via our web-based software in the cloud. 

You no longer have to worry about backups. Neither do you have to worry about hardware or software failures, as our systems have built-in redundancy and backup features.

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Seasoned Veterans

Our staff have many years of experience serving clients in the USA and Latin America. They are fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian and are ready to assist you in establishing a presence both locally and overseas. 

With many years of experience, we’ll ensure that your business is supported and helped to grow and thrive.

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Services We offer

We offer one of the most comprehensive suites of services available in Miami, with over 40 years of experience serving a local and international clientele.  


Tax Returns

Our tax division provides individual tax filing services, which ensures that your dealings with the IRS are smooth and efficient. With our experienced staff, you won’t pay one cent more than you owe. Should you have an LLC, then we cater for your needs too. If your circumstances dictate that an LLC will benefit you, then our tax staff can direct you to our registrations division.   

Corporate tax returns are also in safe hands when we look after them. We ensure that all the relevant state and federal filings are made on time and that you avail yourself of all the available allowances and deductions that are due to you. Sole-Member tax returns and foreign entity tax returns are also efficient and accurately dealt with by our tax division. 

Account & Payroll Plans

We have a fully staffed and resourced accounting and payroll department that will make sure that your monthly accounting needs are met. You can choose a Silver Plan, Gold Plan, or Diamond Plan, depending on the size of your business and the services that you require. We also have affordable Payroll Only Plans that are perfect for businesses that don’t want the hassle of administering their own payroll. 

If you have unique needs, then you can make use of our Build My Own Plan, which allows you to pick and choose which services you require. 


Our incorporation department is staffed by experts who can create a new company in any state in the US for you. We provide registered agent services and can renew your company for you when required amongst a host of other specialized services. 

Virtual Business

Our virtual business services department provides a host of services, such as Mail Forwarding and Virtual office setup. Should you require boardroom facilities, reception services or just an address to receive your mail, we can accommodate you. Foreign Nationals and Offshore Investments 

We also offer foreign nationals specialized services to set up businesses in the USA as well as providing non-residents with expert advice. If you need advice on offshore investments, assistance with property or business-related tax advice, our legal and tax staff are at your service.